Child frustrated speaking with counselor

We often imagine childhood as an idyllic, worry free time of life. In reality, childhood is normally filled with challenges and obstacles. These difficulties are needed to help children develop into competent adults. However, some problems are too big for kids to handle alone. Additionally, parents can feel overwhelmed and at a loss for how to best help. This is where counseling can provide the family with support and education to minimize the impact of these difficulties and help children develop resiliency.

Therapist who specialize in child and teen issues are trained in understanding the developmental abilities and needs of children. Child and teen therapy usually involve the family. In fact, there may be sessions with just the parents to develop interventions to use at home. Therapy may include drawing, playing, as well as talking. We have staff members specifically trained in play therapy, sand tray therapy, behavior modification, and other child appropriate treatment strategies.

Common child and teen problems include family problems, school problems, bullying, health problems and emotional problems, such as anxiety, trauma and depression. By developing healthy coping skills while young, many children find themselves to be much more confident and resilient adults.

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